Volvo Ocean 70 Team Russia
Component structural design, keel design, laminate drawings
Tilse GmbH - Superyacht Glazing
Structural Design to Class & Flag, Research & Development
RNLI Tamar Lifeboat
Prototype structural design, Ongoing support
MCT Turbine Pod
Structural Design including report and laminate drawings
Inclining experiment & LY2 Code stability book
Cammotion Mast
Feasibility Study, Structural Design, Prototype Testing & Production Drawings.
Merlin of Falmouth
Inclining experiment and stability book

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Founded in 2005, M2ED provides naval architectural and composite design services to the marine industry. Recent projects have also allowed knowledge and skill transfer to other engineering sectors, including energy, civil, and even the film industry.

With 15 years experience, ranging from the structural engineering of high performance composites, to the stability of commercial shipping and workboats, M2ED's core skills include:

  • Naval Architecture:
  • - Hull design & modeling
  • - Resistance and power calculations
  • - Intact and damaged stability assessment

  • Marine Design:
  • - Small craft design
  • - 2D and 3D CAD
  • - Extensive Regulatory Knowledge

  • Structural Engineering:
  • - Composite & Glazing specialist
  • - Feasibility studies
  • - 1st principles or design code approach
  • - Finite element analysis capability
  • - Production drawing packages